The Queen’s English

Up until very recently, both Riz and I had forgotten just how thrilling it is to receive something in the post…that is until we stumbled upon Lerato Labase and Astrid Schwarz; both beautiful beings of note.  It also highlighted just how dependent we’ve become on social-online forms of communication.  Our conclusion; both beneficial forms of interconnection and music, illustration, art, photograph and inspiration trade.  The Queen’s English is dedicated to these ladies, especially Astrid, for she has been a model for diligence and encouragement.

The images in this blogpost are a collection of the postcard and illustration we received from Astrid Schwarz…and a portrayal of how much Lulu Maha also enjoyed reading (and tasting) the mail.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at the talent that is Astrid Schwarz?
Part of the Sister Made Company Schwarzie Designs, This is Astrid’s world of Design & Illustration existing to Uplift & Encourage.

We aspire to encourage, uplift and inspire.

The creative illustrations of Astrid stem from a platform of honesty that exists for a specific purpose: to remind, encourage and uplift.

A Sister Made Company consisting of a Graphic Designer, Photographer & Illustrator {Astrid} and a Jewellery Designer & Illustrator {Karen Emma} Like “Schwarzie by Karen Emma” on FB Pages

Follow these links to view her work:

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