In Retrospect

The passed two months have been blessed for both Riz and I in terms of our careers; we are grateful for the blessings and support we have received from those close to us.
Amongst the many blessings we have been gifted, Riz was privileged enough to have her work exhibited at Artscape Theatre as part of the In Retrospect Exhibition, which included artists like Gary Frier, Noer Abrahams, mak1One to mention a few. The exhibition was coordinated by the Artscape Resource Centre, namely Ukhona Mlandu and Naboweya Prince. The exhibition created a platform for and celebrated former emerging artsists and their growth in their respected art forms.

The exhibition ran from 27 March til 27 May 2012 and concluded with a booklet launch. Each of the artists exhibition pieces and bio’s were included, so as to allow them to attach it to their portfolio’s.

Amongst other media, this is the article published by Monique Duval from The Cape Towner

Lulu Maha came out to support her mama; this was her first official exhibition outing.

Each of the artists were presented with a booklet on the evening of the launch, in conjunction with Africa Day.

Rizqah with fellow artsist, Gary Frier. Gary is an astounding artist with a remarkable ability to make colour speak. Gary facilitates pottery and visual art programmes. You can view more of his works on

Lulu Maha went from arm to arm; pictured here with Marlene Le Roux.

One of the exhibited pieces featuring Falko One and Seth One

One of the artists sculptures; a huge sax.

One thought on “In Retrospect

  1. What a wonderful achievement, so proud to say “I know her”. To go with it your passion matches that smile, and that smile matches the passion, you are beyond inspiration {trendy is the cherry on top}. Congratulations dear friend.

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