Ridhaa and Rizqah’s Wedding Take 2

Ridhaa and Rizqah 206 Ridhaa and Rizqah 224 Ridhaa and Rizqah 225
Ridhaa and Rizqah 243 Ridhaa and Rizqah 284 Ridhaa and Rizqah 307 Ridhaa and Rizqah 315 Ridhaa and Rizqah 325 Ridhaa and Rizqah 328 Ridhaa and Rizqah 329 Ridhaa and Rizqah 336 RiRi 136 Rizqah and Ridhaa 004-2 Rizqah and Ridhaa 007 Rizqah and Ridhaa 044 Rizqah and Ridhaa 045 Rizqah and Ridhaa 060-2 Rizqah and Ridhaa 064 Rizqah and Ridhaa 064-2


Couple:  Ridhaa and Rizqah Kafaar


Wedding Date:  17 February 2013


Locations:  Bo-kaap, Steenberg Gold Estate, Eengezind Wedding Hall


Make-up:  Suaad D Artistry –  http://www.facebook.com/suaaddartistry


Photography:  The Dollie House




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