Kimono Kiki

RIZD8234 RIZD8239 RIZD8255 RIZD8257 RIZD8283 RIZD8289 RIZD8303 RIZD8311 RIZD8317 RIZD8324 RIZD8328 2 RIZD8328 copy RIZD8328 RIZD8329 RIZD8347 RIZD8382 RIZD8392 RIZD8420 RIZD8437 RIZD8440 RIZD8444 RIZD8466 RIZD8468 RIZD8469 RIZD8500 copy RIZD8500 RIZD8515

Photography:  The Dollie House

Make-Up and Styling:  Xana Make-Up and Styling

Kimono’s:  Children of Meso and MeemSeven

Accessories: Aneeqah Cassiem and Stylists Own

Hair Extensions:  The Doll Box

Jewelry: A Ring To It

Models:  Tassin Albertyn, Nasreen Isaacs and Fa’rah Davids

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